Life is for celebrating!  StacheStrong would like to help a patient and their loved ones have a day of celebrations while undergoing treatment for GBM.  Read on!

While StacheStrong’s mission is still to raise money for brain cancer research, we know the importance of celebrating life.  Research allowed GJ to live 25 months after his diagnosis, doubling the statistics for his longevity.  During that time, we were fortunate enough to have countless days enjoying life during his fight, and StacheStrong will be honoring his legacy by providing a game day experience to his favorite teams.  As we originally mentioned in GJ’s obituary, we’re excited to launch the ‘Live Like GJ Initiative’ and give the gift of “GJ smiles” to a family going through GBM treatments.  NOTE: We were unable to launch this in 2020 as planned, due to COVID-19, but look forward to the day when we can safely coordinate this initiative.

Our family enjoyed trips, sporting events, concerts and memorable times together and NONE of this would have been possible without his zest for life and positivity.  There was something special about watching him smile ear to ear knowing he was in charge of GBM.  We also were fortunate enough to have a strong family unit that made it a priority to enjoy every waking second together.  During the 25 months he battled GBM, we were able to experience more together than most do in a lifetime. 

GJ adored the NY Mets, NY Jets and UNC Tar Heels so we will ensure another family battling GBM can also enjoy these same adventures. If you would like to nominate yourself or a family going through GBM, please nominate here.  However, at this time, we are on hold due to the pandemic.

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GJ with the UNC Men’s Basketball Team in February, 2019
GJ And Michael Conforto of the NY Mets in September of 2018