2019 TCS New York City Marathon

Proud doesn’t even begin to capture the emotions of Sunday. The inaugural StacheStrong @nycmarathon team wasted no time setting the bar HIGH as they all finished with smiles on their faces – the GJ way!!! Together they raised $20,975 for brain cancer research, which is simply incredible. There’s nothing like the energy of the NYC Marathon…

There were plenty of unforgettable moments on Sunday, but my #ItWillMoveYou part of the day came running alongside @nickydelli for a few miles – just as Geej had done for me just 1 year ago to help me finish. As we climbed 5th Avenue, we passed @mountsinainyc where our family spent a lot of time over the past 2 years. Nick raised GJ’s prayer card to the sky and my body went numb. He had been running with this throughout for additional inspiration and I can’t even begin to describe what I felt at that moment, but Geej was there right alongside us willing Nick forward. This marathon team was built in his honor to continue to do what he loved most – – – run and support others, and boy did our team do just that!

Congrats to all our Runners!