TCS New York City Marathon 2021

We’re proud to have been accepted as an official community charity partner for the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon

Runners from 2020 running this year due to cancelled race

Application and Details:

My brother GJ was an avid runner growing up and continued to do so throughout treatment and his fight against GBM.  This event will forever hold a special place in all of our hearts as it is the ultimate test of grit, passion and togetherness. It will always be especially emotional for me as he ran the final 6 miles with me in 2018, weeks before the MRI showed his tumor recurrence.  There truly is no environment quite like the course of the NYC Marathon and I feel that it is a great metaphor for what GJ went through during his 25 month battle…There will be ups and there will be downs.  There will be stages where you’re floating on air and there will certainly be a moment where you don’t think your body can possibly make it another stride.  However, I promise you’ll dig deep within and find a way to #LiveStacheStrong.

Ultimately, I wish each of you could run with our team and represent our mission, but at the end of the day we only have 10 bibs and already have over 25 interested applicants, which is truly humbling. I will have our board of directors review each application and we are planning to notify all runners NO LATER than July 1st.  Upon selection, you will receive a consent form that details the commitment by race day (minimum of $3,500 raised), connection to our Olympic Qualifying Running Coach, and other important details.  This gives the team over 16 weeks to start training and promoting their efforts.  If you are not selected this year, I truly hope you will consider running with us next year!!!  Additionally, if you are no longer interested, please pass this on to anyone who may be interested.

Application Requirements – Please answer the following 4 questions by June 21st, 2021 for consideration. Please note the $3,500 minimum raised amount as part of our contract:

1) What does StacheStrong mean to you and how do you #LiveStacheStrong?

2) Why are you personally running?

3) What are your plans for promoting your involvement with StacheStrong to raise the $3,500 NYC Marathon minimum?  (Include any social media presence, affiliation groups, etc.)  GET CREATIVE!

4) Provide photos to be used on personal fundraising page and StacheStrong media.

Good luck and always #LiveStacheStrong!!!!!