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For our beginning few year, the Gerner household became a mini workshop; preparing orders, organizing thousands of shirts and ensuring each one gets to our supporters was our number one focus. We wouldn’t change a thing and it’s been incredible watching the impact first hand as the shirt orders continually poured in. As you have seen, our classic black StacheStrong shirts have been worn proudly across the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America (we’re still waiting on someone to visit Antarctica!!!).

Because of YOUR support, the sale and shipment of clothing and accessories is now handled by Worldwide Sport Supply. In the first year, we sold over 750 items and raised over $10,000.

One thing that has always been important to us in everything we do is QUALITY. Our team has spent hours on top of hours vetting thousands of items from several catalogues. We have touched and tried on every item in our store, ensuring that only top notch gear is sold!

Here are the details for the online orders. On the last Monday of every month, the store will compile all orders, print our logo and mail out. You can expect your order to arrive 2-4 weeks after month end. Please see below for our StacheStrong gear and share amongst your friends and family. Thank you for your continued support as we aim to flip the script on brain cancer!

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