Trevor Wilson

This November (and forever-after), I pledge to #LiveStacheStrong in memory of GJ Gerner—my friend, role model, and toughest son-of-a-gun I’ve ever met​

For over a month I’ve struggled to pull together the words to do proper justice to GJ and what he meant to ME. 

I could go on about what an important role model he was for me during—so far—THE pivotal time in my life.  I could go on about the times he took me and my friends under his wing as we finished college and got started with our careers—the number of times I’d subtly look for his approval as someone who looked up to him.  Above the rest, I could go on forever about the fun times spent together. 

I’ve written and re-written four or five times, but it never felt quite right.​

While I’ll hold these memories and lessons closely for as long as I live, it’s occurred to me that this should be less about MY relationship with Geej and more about his legacy as a champion in the battle against GBM.

For over 2 years, GJ and the Gerners have been battling Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer which typically results in death in the first 10-15 months post-diagnosis.  In the wake of the diagnosis, Colin Gerner founded StacheStrong; a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit Charity focused on raising funds and awareness for this awful, underfunded disease. Inspired by GJ’s fearless fight, StacheStrong has recently surpassed $200k raised since its inception with all proceeds going to brain cancer research.​

StacheStrong makes me believe that—although it may not be in my lifetime or yours—SOME DAY THERE WILL BE A CURE.​

This month, you can help run with the torch that GJ has passed to us. You can help ensure progress in the treatment of GBM.  I urge you to please donate below to StacheStrong if you can, and perhaps more importantly, ALWAYS be like our pal Geej and #LiveStacheStrong.